Rechargeable Wireless Vaccum Cleaner


This wireless and rechargeable  portable vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for cleaning dust, ash, dirt, breadcrumbs, sand, food particles and water from the inside of  your car.The brush is used to clean the carpet and air conditioning outlet . Extension hoses are used to connect other accessories to clean the corners. The nozzle is very thin and used to clean areas where there are gaps.The device can also be used to clean water spill.  The HEPA filter cloth bag filter helps to avoid the dust seepage .Leak Proof shield prevents trash from leaking out. The filter is easy to wash.



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Suction: 13000 pa ,Wireless Type
High Speed Motor
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Power: 100W
Working Time: 20-30mins
Battery Capacity : 2200ma
Weight: 0.7kg

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