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  • Luxury Phone Holder

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    The versatile desk phone holder  ia mde of aluminium  zinc alloy and  ABS,  using integrated production technology , the design is beautiful and exquisite .  It is ideal for office and home use, and serves a s a perfect gift for a great boss or friend .

    MATERIAL: Alloy + ABS

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  • Magnetic Laptop/Phone Bracket

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    Multifunctional Universal Laptop Phone holder is convenient  . Use  your mobile phone at work. Switching between two screens leads to inefficient work. Also, looking down at your mobile phone is not good for the cervical spine. Use our extension stand during work is convenient and efficient. Dual screen interactive work is more comfortable and efficient. With more comfortable viewing angle, there is no need to look down any more.

    ·         Work efficiently / Double screen interactive / Use electronic comfortably / No need to look down at phone / Stable and not loose / Portable / Does not block the screen / Ergonomic design / Gold ratio perspective / Reduce cervical spin fatigue / Improve office efficiency

    ·         Magnetic installation. Easy to use as stand. Innovative technology, automatic adsorption. With two gift magnets for sticking to the back of your phone.

    ·         Flexible adjustment of different angles. You can adjust the comfortable angle according to your needs.

    ·         Small and portable with the computer. Does not loose and does not affect computer use.

    ·         Does not obstruct the screen. Study, work, movies, games, live broadcast can all be carried out simultaneously.

    ·         Support charging. Reserved charging port, support charging while using.

    ·         Dimension: 12*3*0.5cm


    • 100% high quality Laptop phone holder.
    • Made of aluminum alloy, wear resistant and durable, practical.
    • Compact and lightweight, with magnet for easy and quick attatchment.
    • Never look down at the phone screen to view the message, improve work efficiency.
    • Does not loosen and does not affect laptop use.
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  • Windshield Dash Mobile Phone Holder With SuctionCup

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    The Windshield dash mobile phone holder with suction cup comes with a 360 degrees angle rotating holder  with an easy one touch mounting system that locks and releases your device with a push . Its super sticky gel pad securely sticks to surfaces , including textured surface and it is also easy to remove .The 360 degrees angle of rotation can grip the phones vertically and sideways . With a flexible clip size fit for 3.5-6inch smart phones, the holder can expand 9cm in width . It allows for one hand operation . This design also features a telescopic arm to bring you more clearer views.


    COLOUR: Black


    STOCK: 50

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